Workshop Support Sites

I like to create support websites for workshops that I present off-campus so that I can easily collect participants’ input and suggestions to refer to as I update the sites – this helps keep the conversations going after the conferences end, plus participants leave with a shareable resource.

Beyond Another Paper

Created to share ideas for alternative summative assessment of students learning, some pages on this site support specific workshops:

Measuring Student Learning
The original support site lists resources and ideas for summative assessment of student learning.

Metacognitive Café
A favorite of mine – this site supports many workshops and education sessions. It features techniques and ideas for improving students’ metacognition and improving learning.

Tips for Teaching with Technology
The newest site (September 2020), this site contains resources and advice for “non-techie” faculty to succeed teaching remotely.

Open Objectives

A collaborative site with resources for several workshops based on the idea of “openness”:

What Is Open Pedagogy?
Clarifies concepts and shares resources – check out the accompanying pages:

All the information you need to start up, or rule out, HyFlex courses, including research, definitions, podcast interviews, and development guides from a pedagogical standpoint. Information regarding updating physical classroom spaces to accommodate HyFlex technology is available upon request.

Adaptive Learning
A handful of resources for adaptive learning, including my Mastery Learning with Norton InQuizitive presentation.

Responsive Course Design

Standalone workshop support site designed to help any/all faculty transition from classroom-based to remote instruction.