How to Add the GCC Course Policies Module to Your Blackboard Course

With recent changes to the Plagiarism Policy and the Accessibility Statement, plus the importance of including the Student Code of Conduct and the No-Show Reporting Criteria in courses, we’ve created one module that you can use to efficiently share this information with your students.

Here is how you can add it to your Blackboard courses:

1 Open your course.

2 At the top-left of the course menu click the “+” to add content; select “Module Page” from the dropdown list of options:

add module page

You’ll see this box:

name module page

3 Add the name, “GCC College Course Policies”, check the box to make it available to users, and click “Submit”:

make module page available

Your new module page will be at the bottom of your course menu.

4 Click on GCC College Course Policies in your course menu and, at the top of the page, click on “Add Course Module”:

add course module

5 You’ll see the list of modules next; scroll down to “College Course Policies” and click “Add”:

add college course policies

6 That is all you have to do; feel free to locate the Course Policies module near the Accessibility & Privacy Policy module – both modules are meeting legal and accreditation requirements. Module pages are updated system-wide, so, as long as you leave them in your courses they will be kept current.

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