Growth Mindset Discussion

Help raise students’ awareness of how they receive new ideas by incorporating the following discussion into an online/hybrid course or face-to-face class.

Watch this five minute video on Fixed versus Growth Mindset:  

Think about the quote from Samuel Beckett in this video:

“Ever tried, ever failed, no matter. Try again, fail again, fail better.”

  1. What do you think “fail better” means?
  2. How does “fail better” relate to developing a growth mindset?
  3. Do you have a growth or fixed mindset?
  4. Can you share examples that show what type of mindset you have?
  5. How can we move from a fixed to a growth mindset?
  6. How can a growth mindset help us learn?

Refer students back to this discussion as new topics arise to which they are resistant or about which they have pre-formed biases.

Judith M Littlejohn, September 3, 2018

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